4 Essential Lawn Mower Parts

Lawn Mower Parts

A variety of mowing equipment is available to help maintain the lush-green lawn.

There are human-powered, electric, gas, ride-on, and robotic lawn mowers. Each of these mowers has a wide range of moving parts to help adjust the mowing capabilities and because of the different functions, it is essential to have access to the right lawn mower parts to make sure the equipment is kept in full working order.

Here are four of the major lawn mower parts:

1 – Framework

The framework (also called housing or chassis) is usually manufactured in a hard-wearing resin-based plastic or steel. It is built to be resistant to the constant vibration and heat. The main function of the framework is to give protection to the moving parts, motor, blade, wheels, etc. By enclosing the cutting blades which spin at high-speed, it is safer to use and handle these machines.

Original lawn mowers were built with lawn mower parts consisting of wood and steel brackets.

2 – Operator’s control

The operator system or control can differ with the various classes of lawn mower. For the push mower, a framing or tubing in steel is available to provide a handlebar for complete ease in maneuvering the lawn mower. Most of the handlebars can be adjusted in height to make it easier and safer to operate. A preferred height will make it possible for the user to stay upright and able to walk at a normal, comfortable speed.

The ride-on mower uses a more complex set-up with an intricate steering system that makes it possible to easily direct the mower while sitting down. The less hands on option is the robotic mowers which just need charging and sensors placed to ensure the mower is able to cut the specified area.

3 – Cutting blades

The cutting blades are essential lawn mower parts and vary with the different types of mowers. A push reel mower is designed with twisted or curved blades that spin round as the mower is pushed in a forward direction. On the other hand, the latest rotary mowers are designed with two or more sharp edged blades. This is mounted to an axis in a vertical position and spins at a high rate to cut the grass blades. Rotary mowers are more effective at cutting the thick, wet, and tall grass compared to the reel mowers. But, the reel mowers are simple to use, eco-friendly, quiet, and cost-effective.

For the commercial lawn mowers, a cutter blade can feature a gang or multiple blade set-up and these are towed behind a tractor or similar form of transport.

4 – Power source

A push reel mower gets its power source from the person pushing it up and down the lawn. But, for the rotary mowers (ride-on, self-propelled or pulled) there is an engine in place. The engine can operate via electric or gas power. An electric engine is practical for the small to medium sized lawns because the ability to mow is restricted by the length of the extension cord. For larger lawns, a two-cycle gas engine is certain to help maintain the attractive appearance of the lawn.

Other lawn mower parts include the beverage containers, height adjustments, discharge bag parts, speed controls, and similar devices.