5 Benefits of Using an Electric Lawn Mower

Electric Lawn Mower

An electric lawn mower is perfect for the small to medium-sized yard and has many advantages.

A prefect lawn size for this type of mower is in the region of 6,000-8,000 square feet. Plus, the grass type is more favorable if it is a cool-climate, slow-growing grass.

Below are five of the major benefits of using this piece of lawn care equipment:

Noise Pollution

Compared to the gas-powered mowers and garden tools which can emit a terrible decibel of sound, the electric lawn mower is seen as almost silent. For safety, ear protectors are needed for gas powered devices, but this isn’t such an issue when using the electric mower.

Non oil or gas operation

Use an electric mower to avoid issues related to oil and gas to get the motor operaional. Plus, it is essential to use the right type of oils, which can differ with the different gas engines. By eliminating the use of oil and gas, there is less likelihood of accidental spills that could cause damage to the patio, path, or deck areas. An easy-to-use electric mower will virtually remove all issues related to the type of backyard hazard.


More and more people are thinking green when it comes to investing in tools and accessories for the backyard. Plus, the cost of gas has been increasing in recent years. While the reel mowers are more environmentally friendly, the electric powered models aren’t that far behind. Because the mower doesn’t require gas, you aren’t using up natural resources while mowing the lawn. On average, 750 million gallons of gas are poured into the mowers on an annual basis.


An electric mower is a lot more cost-effective to run per season compared to the gas-guzzling alternatives. In addition to the savings in gas consumption, it is also possible to cut back on regular maintenance work to keep the mower in full operational condition.

Gas mowers need a regular service to check the oil filters, oil, and tune-ups. This is mostly negated with the electric mowers. Even though some of the electric mowers cost more to purchase initially, the cost to run for the long-term is that much more competitive.

Easy To Use

A great advantage of the electric-powered lawn mowers is the ease of operation and much lighter construction compared to the gas-powered alternatives. Because it is an easier process to mow a small to medium size backyard, it should be completed in a shorter time. Also, if possible, a large lawn can be completed in sections provided a suitable power source is within reach of the area to be cut.

In summary

A high-quality electric lawn mower can provide a perfect piece of equipment for those planning to maintain the lush-green and attractive lawn. Electric mowers come in many different sizes and types. Be sure to conduct the necessary research on the mower to ensure it is able to provide the desired service and built to cut the size of lawn.