GreenWorks 25052 16-inch Push Reel Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25052

Well built, easy-to-assemble, and lightweight, the GreenWorks 25052 16-inch Push Reel Lawn Mower is able to do everything required in a man-powered mower yet comes without the problems often associated with an air polluting and gas-guzzling mower.

The combination of the wide, 16-inch cutting path, 10-inch wheel size, and 3-position height adjuster cuts the grass with ease, just try to avoid letting the grass get to high (this is problem with all-types of push reel mowers). Provided you are able to keep on top of cutting the lawn and don’t let the grass get too long, this reel mower isn’t really any more difficult to push than a gas-powered self-propelled mowing machine.

Advantages to this reel mower; no need to get it set-up for the season (except to oil the moving parts), no oil to dispose, no gas to top up or smell, no cables to change, no spark plugs to change, and no end of season maintenance (again except to oil the moving parts).

Environment-friendly, the GreenWorks mowers are ZERO carbon footprint products, meaning that they will never release a single ounce of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, so perfect for a gardening wishing to do away with their harmful gas-guzzling mowers. On top of that, GreenWorks also backs their yard equipment with a full 4-year warranty, which is double the industry standard.

Product Features

  • 10-inch front traction wheels
  • 3-position height adjustments
  • 2-inch real rollers
  • Height adjustable blades, varies between 1-inch and 2-1/8-inch
  • Wide cutting path at 16-inch
  • Weight 26-pounds
  • 4-year parts and labor warranty

Reviews & Ratings

An average rating of 4.3 our of 5-stars makes the GreenWorks 25052 16-Inch Reel Mower its really worth the money, and a perfect alternative for a gardener wishing to kick-out a smokey, noisy power mower.

Pushes easily, and works great; with no fuel requirements, no exhaust, and it comes with a grass catcher that is very simple to detach – attach to dump the clippings. Its catcher is quite small, so a need to frequently empty is there, but it is still a well-working machine.

Out of the negative comments, of which most are of a minor nature, costumers comment on a need to clear the lawn of twig or branches as this will soon jam the blades, which will completely interfere with your mowing momentum. Also, the grass catcher bag might be too detachable as it has a tendency to become loose or get stuck in the wheels. Repeat passes might be required in spots with higher grass patches.

On top of the pro-comments, the sale price for the GreenWorks mower is at a very competitive mark with the best rates often found at the Amazon marketplace. Click here to check the latest sale prices and offers.

Overall if you have enough fuel-power, this GreenWorks lawnmower does a fantastic job on either small or big yards and soon clears everyday grass with ease. Clover, dandelions and weeds might be a different matter thou with the mower blades soon coming to an abrupt halt – however taller grasses and weeds are often a problem for these types of mowers.