How to Stay Safe When Mowing the Lawn

Stay Safe When Mowing

Using the mowing in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines should help to protect yourself, your family, and pets.

Mowing injuries are in the region of 81,000 for 2014, so it makes sense to take the proper safety precautions to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Here are several techniques to help stay safe when using the lawn mower:

Check the lawn

Before pushing the human or electric powered mower over the lawn, make sure to give a quick visual inspection to look for signs of rocks, tree branches, toys, or similar objects. Small stones or rocks can be particularly dangerous because they can become projectiles and fly up should the lawn mower pass over the top.

Should the mower ride over debris, make sure to stop and switch off before giving the lawn mower a quick inspection to make sure it hasn’t been damaged.


If looking to use a gas-operated lawn mower it is necessary to handle the fuel in a safe and efficient manner. Make sure to fill up with fuel when the engine is cool and hasn’t yet been run. Refueling a motor that is already hot can cause problems and potentially lead to vapors igniting and causing a fire or explosion. Plus, the refueling steps should take place when out in the open air — avoid doing this inside a shed, garage, or similar enclosed space. Also, before starting up the engine, make sure the mow height is correct or adjust as necessary.

Many of the lawn mowers come with protective shields, guards, and grass catcher. Give the mower a visual inspection before starting up to ensure the fixtures are well secure and able to give the desired protection once in operation.


Wear the proper clothing to avoid accidents while mowing the lawn. A proper pair of closed shoes with traction is a practical choice in front of sneakers or sandals. Protect the ears with a high-quality pair of ear protectors. Also, make sure to fully understand how to operate the bail level (or dead-man control) on the mower.

Children and pets

Make sure small children and pets are kept well clear when mowing the lawn. Ideally, the children should be kept inside to ensure the mowing area is clear and safe at all times. Also, the walk-behind mowers shouldn’t be used by those aged 12 or less — although this should be checked in the users manual.

Children shouldn’t be given permission to ride on a sit-on mower or tractor as this can be quite dangerous when trying to concentration on mowing the lawn.

Safe mowing techniques

Avoid mowing the grass after a recent spell of rain — this can leave the lawn quite slippery and the grass will be bent and less upright. Plus, this will make the surface, especially dangerous if mowing on slopes or hillsides.

Also, for the electric lawn mowers it can benefit to use a proper circuit interrupter which can help to cut power and avoid electric shock in the event of an accident.