Mower Safety Tips

Mower Safety Tips

Human-powered and self-propelled lawnmowers are common yard tools, but they are still in need of being handled in the correct manner while also keeping safety in mind.

Most of the common lawn mower injuries are preventable if the person operating the mower concentrates on what they are doing and continues to use common sense.

Remember the following when operating a lawn mower:

Maintain the mower in full working order –

  • Maintain the lawnmower; keep on top of seasonal maintenance issues, such as sharpening the blade, replacing the spark plug, and general clean-up.
  • Be sure a powered mower is switched off prior to repairing or inspecting.
  • Unplugging the spark plug wire is also a wise safety precaution.
  • If a mower blade gets jammed, use a stick or similar tool to clear the grass or debris.

Operating a lawnmower in the correct manner –

  • Prior to use; read, follow, and understand the mowers instruction manual.
  • Avoid removing safety guards, shields or devices on switches.
  • Add sufficient fuel at the start; don’t wait until the engine is running or gets hot.
  • Never leave a powered mower running if left un-attended. If needing to step away, switch off the engine.

Always remain cautious –

  • Safety first; wear the right protective wear, such as goggles, gloves, and boots. Avoid mowing barefoot.
  • Before mowing a lawn, remove branches, stones, twigs or similar debris which might jam the mower blade or fly-up if passed over.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks if planning on operating a push or powered mower.
  • Store, use and dispose of petrol safety.
  • With an electric lawnmower, use a socket – extension cable with RCD protection and test the RCD to make certain it is working.

Consider the Landscape –

  • Be cautious when mowing slopes or steep hills. For any surfaces beyond a mild slope, mow in a crossway direction to avoid potential harm in the event of slipping.
  • Never use an electric mower in wet weather or when the grass is still damp.
  • Keep an electric mowers cable up and behind the mowing path.

Keep Children & Pets Safe –

  • Ensure small children are kept away from the area being mowed.
  • Don’t let a child become a rear passenger on a ride-on lawn mower, even with a parent in control.
  • Suggested ages for operating a mower; 12-years + for a push mower and 16-years + to use a ride-on mower.