Tips & Advice for Lawn Watering

Advice for Lawn Watering

Lawn watering is critical to maintain the lush-green and healthy grass blades.

A regular watering schedule can be devised by looking out for signs of wilting or dehydration. Early signs of lack of water include footprints that seem to stay in place, grass blades that seem to curl, and grass that appears quite greenish-blue.

Most lawns benefit from a weekly watering of at least 1 inch. A simple technique that can be used to calculate the water that is sprayed on the lawn is to use a plastic tub or similar and give that a 1 inch mark at the bottom. Once the tub or container has arrived at the mark, the watering has been completed.

Even though it is entirely possible to water the lawn at any time of the day or night, the most favorable time is early in the day ( saying between 6-10 am). This should ensure the smallest amount of water is lost to evaporation and wind drift.

What are the popular lawn watering methods?


A portable sprinkler can provide a very cost-effective option to give the grass a good watering. Many of the sprinkler systems come with the ability to adjust the range or distribution methods. So, make sure to go with a sprinkler that matches the zone, shape, and the size of the lawn area.


A stationary sprinkler is preferred for the small lawn areas that need watering or even used on the large lawn that have areas missed by the other sprinklers in place.


An impact or rotary sprinkler is perfect for the medium to large lawn that relies on circular watering zones.


The oscillating sprinkler is great at spraying a large area that is rectangular in shape, while a revolving unit (circular pattern of water) is more effective when working in the areas with minimal space.

Irrigation System

A time controlled irrigation system is certain to make it more efficient to water the small to large size lawn. By planning early and getting the watering system to work automatically it isn’t necessary to disrupt the personal schedule.

Plus, using the irrigation system in the correct way is certain to mean it is possible to conserve water. They are a practical option for the homeowner that has little time to manually water the lawn or those with vacation homes.

Water conservation

A standard rule to abide by relates to following restrictions put in place because of a long spell of drought. A drought will make it difficult for the lawn and garden so it is necessary to put in the right steps to conserve water. Try to avoid issues with wasteful water runoffs. Use sprinkler systems in the correct manner and minimize the water that reaches the sidewalks or streets.

A short drought is often managed by cutting the grass slightly longer to give more shade for the roots. Try to cut back on the water usage — but make sure enough water is given that it penetrates the surface and gets the root system soaked. Lack of water can soon lead to the growth of grassy weeds.