Top 8 Tools to Maintain the Lush-Green Lawn

Garden Tools

Maintaining a lush-green lawn is much easier to achieve when the proper tools are easily accessible in the garden shed.

Lawn tools can vary from the common items like the mower and trimmer to specialist tools for the more complex duties.

Here are eight of the best tools to have to help care for the lawn properly:


An essential tool to maintain the short and attractive lawn is the lawn mower. Mowers vary in type from the cylinder to rotary blades with certain models built to collect grass or mulch as the mower is pushed up and down the lawn. Plus, a mower can be human-powered, gas-driven, or runs on electricity.

String trimmer

A string trimmer is great in areas of the lawn that a mower can’t quite reach such as space near patios, fences, decks, or walls. Plus, they are great for the grass that has got too long for the mower. Most of the trimmers are designed to work with nylon string that spins at high speed and easily clears the grass blades.

Edging shears

A pair of edging shears is needed to give an attractive finish to the lawn. Trimming the edge of the lawn or flower bed is that much easier with a high-quality set of shears. These work similar to a pair of scissors and will make light work of the cutting action.

Turf iron

A turf iron is a useful tool to help speed up the process of removing the old turf that is in need of replacement. This tool is great for slicing beneath an area of turf that is ready to be lifted and needs the grass roots to be severed.

Half moon cutter

A half-moon cutter is perfect for getting pieces of turf ready to lay and will ensure the edges are cut straight and true.


A versatile tool like a broom can provide several useful functions in the garden. A broom with stiff bristles is great for removing debris on the surface, such as those that appear after an aeration job. Note: a brush with soft bristles should be used when working on the finer lawn surface. Other uses for the broom include sweeping paths, patios, or similar hard surfaces. With its many uses, a broom is certain to help keep a garden neat and attractive.

Leveling rake

A leveling (or landscape) rake is a practical choice for preparing the soil for seed or laying turf. Plus, they are also needed for the general work of giving the soil a level surface — this is usually needed after digging weeds, turning over, or rotavating. The leveling rakes come with stainless steel or wooden heads.

Spring-tined rake

Spring-tined rakes are useful for controlling issues with thatch and make light work of removing the build up of dead grass that starts to appear around the plant life. By vigorously scratching the soil surface it is quick and simple to leave behind the healthier surface that is free and clear of dead leaves, grass clipping, plants, weeds, or similar.