Why Use a Reel Mower (9 Useful Reasons)

Reel Mower in Action

Reel mowers are the old-fashioned style of mower that is starting to see a significant rise in popularity.

They are a simple and basic type of mower that doesn’t rely on a range of extras or features.

Here are nine of the useful reasons to use the reel mower:

1 – Versatile interest

The reel mowers have wide-ranging appeal and are appreciated by the environmentally aware, males, females, old, young, all income levels, lawn fanatics, and anyone with a small scale lawn area.

2 – Simple to use

A human-powered mower like the reel machine is ease to use and operate. It has no oil or gas needs, no idle to adjust, no keys to use, or no rope to pull. Plus, they are mostly lightweight (often in the region of 18-35 pounds), so this means easier to store, lift and carry, and push up and down the lawn.

3 – Great cutting ability

A manual mower is certain to help cut down on tearing or ripping the grass blades. This should ensure a scissor-like, clean cut that increases the chance of the lawn being able to hold in moisture and nutrients, while keeping out diseases. Plus, the small grass clippings left behind will make a perfect mulch to further improve the quality of the lawn.

4 – Safety

Even though the reel mowers are relatively safe to handle — it is crucial to pick up loose stones, rocks, or similar debris that might be thrown up when the mower passes over the top.

5 – Low-cost

Most of the reel mowers on the market come at cost-effective prices. If you are on a tight budget, this type of mower is significantly more available compared to the high-end electric and gas-powered units.

6 – Health and fitness

Pushing a walk-behind mower is certain to give a form of cardiovascular exercise which has the potential to burn a good number of calories (up to 450 per hour). Plus, most of the work in the backyard is certain to help give some form of exercise and health benefit.

7 – Low maintenance

A non-engine lawn mowing is easy to maintain with no spark plugs, no oil, no gas, and minimal repairs to be concerned with. A regular use of WD-40 to the blades and a good brush should help to keep this machine finely tuned and fully operational.

8 – Eco-friendly

The manual walk-behind mowers with no gas or electrical power are more environmentally friendly and produce no noise or air pollution. The quiet nature of these mowers means they can be used at any time with causing a nuisance to those in close proximity.

9 – Small lawns

A reel mower is perfect for even the smallest of lawns and is the easiest option to use. Because of the push power of the reel mower, they are a much more practical option for maintaining the compact sized lawn. Plus, it is a great choice in those gardens that have a lot of trees or bushes that will make it difficult to use a corded mower.